Creative Workshops

Don't worry, no drawing or painting skills required!
We use a stencil technique to transfer your design to canvas
and .you will be expertly guided throughout your class.

Hand Drawing
Botanical 1.png

Colour Therapy Meditation

Tropical Botanical Painting

Picasso's La Reve / The Dream

A relaxing class, painting lush  jungle botanicals and leaves. Paint these gorgeous leaves in your own colour palette.    



Set your intention with colour and work in various shades on a geometric landscape.

A relaxing evening of colour blending.

Come and have a dreamy evening recreating this peaceful painting.
You can even change the colour palette to your personal taste.

Stencil your design and add in some gorgeous colour.




Floral Botanical Painting


Van Gogh's Wheatfield with Crows 

Meditating Buddah

A relaxing class painting your favourite flowers!  

Go traditional or abstract, let your imagination run wild with colour! 


Join us to paint Van Gogh's
Crows in a Wheatfield.
With a vivid palette, recreate this amazing masterpiece step by step in dramatic swirling colour.

Get your colour flow on! 

Use your own colours to create a serene or invigorating meditating buddah. 





Gilded Tiger

Bowl of Lemons 

Gilded Pigeon 

Create this striking design in your choice of colours.  Working in two colours, the cherry on the top is the gilded sun in your choice of metallic leaf..  


You can choose your own colour scheme with this fun piece of London's iconic mascot. Top it off with gold, rose gold or silver gilding! 

A classic painting! 
Use a stencil or free hand your drawing and using loose strokes recreate this gorgeous simple piece.




Still Life 

Mexican Sacred Heart 

Prayer Plant 

Another classic, recreate this rustic piece in colours of our choosing.  The colour blending is sketchy and simple and really fun to do!

Choose from a selection of designs of Mexican sacred hearts.  Using bright bold colours and paint pens.  

A bright design to brighten any room! 

One of ours favourite plants to paint! Gorgeous patterns and colours and really fun to paint.